Animalia pet salon welcomes you to The Bay’s premier Mobile pet grooming Amenities to keep your pet feeling fresh , our Mobile Pet Salon is a distinguished destination in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and neighbouring areas.

Individual Services :

HairCut ( Depends on the bread ) :

S(80), M(120), L(160), G(200) AED
Haircuts for pets are essential for their appearance & health.

Bath & Blow Dry:

100 AED
Bath and blow-dry pet service Keep your furry friend looking and smelling great , freshly.

Baths & Blow Dry (Under 6 Months) :

60 AED
Bath and blow-dry pet service Keep your furry friend looking and smelling great.

nail trim

40 AED
Nail trimming keeps your pets healthy and well-groomed, avoiding discomfort and injuries.

Tear Stains remove :

20 AED
Using specialized shampoos and wipes can remove tear stains effectively.

Teeth Care :

30 AED
Our dental techniques keep your pet's teeth healthy and strong , great.

Eye & Ear Clean :

30 AED
A gentle and effective way to remove wax, debris, and dirt from your eyes and ears.

Nose Care :

30 AED
Nose grooming is vital for your pet's health. Consult a vet for any potential issues.

Paw Care :

30 AED
Taking care of their paws help them walk and protect from bad conditions.

Sanitary Clean :

50 AED
Pet sanitizers are high-quality products that effectively prevent illness and infection.

Add-on treatment’s :

Medicated Shampoo :

60 AED
Our medicated shampoo treatments address allergies and dryness, ensuring your pet's comfort.

Tick & Flea Shampoo :

60 AED
A powerful solution to effectively rid your pet of ticks and fleas, ensuring their comfort and well-being.

Tick & Flea spray :

60 AED
A convenient solution for keeping your pet free from ticks and fleas, ensuring their comfort and health.

Deshedding :

100 AED
A service designed to reduce shedding and promote a healthier, more manageable coat for your pet.

our pets grooming packages

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